Let’s Game Asturias es un Programa pionero en Asturias en el que los participantes se benefician del asesoramiento del equipo de expertos del CEEI Asturias; un equipo multidisciplinar orientado a resultados y con cientos de empresas puestas en marcha.

Paralelamente, bajo la dirección de Iván Fernández Lobo, director de Gamelab, ponemos a disposición de los participantes un grupo de expertos en Games  de reconocido prestigio nacional e internacional, que aportan sus conocimientos y expertise en las diferentes cuestiones técnicas relacionadas con la cadena de valor, principalmente a través de sesiones presenciales y mentoring. ¡Conócelos!

 Expertos III edición Let’s Game Asturias, 2015 

ivan lobo

Iván Fernández-Lobo

Founder & Managing Director at Gamelab Barcelona & Game Business Hub. Founder & Presesident of Academia Española de las Artes y las Ciencias Interactivas. Business consultant. Leer más

ricardo carretero

Ricardo Carretero Vila

Lead Designer at WINKO GAMES. With more than 10 years of Game Design experience, Richy has worked for several companies around the world, including projects for EA, Activision, Gameloft, SuperMegaTeam or Social Point. Backed by great investors, his latest adventure is Winko Games, where he is mixing his passion and expertise to create the next generation of mobile games. Leer más


Kevin Cerdá

Independent game designer. Creator of Nihilumbra an cofounder of BeautiFun Games. Currently working on Rime, the upcoming PS4 game of Tequila Works. Experienced in any part of game design, from game concept to level or puzzle design, but mainly specialized in game mechanics and narrative. Leer más


David Ferriz

Director de DevilishGames – Spherical Pixel S.L. Co-founder, Game Designer and Graphic Artist in DevilishGames with more than 16 years of professional experience into the world of games development in this company, being also Professor in Videogames Creative Design in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Member of Academia Española de las Artes y las Ciencias Interactivas as well as Co-founder of Professional Associated Developers (PAD). Achieved several recognitions and awards in games sector. Leer más…

cristina ynzenga

Cristina Ynzenga

Freelance as Senior Animator. Co-Founder and Artist for Vorax Studios in the development of  Day of the Viking. More than 12 years of professional experience around games animation working as Senior Animator for Mercury Steam in’ Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2′ as well as for Streamline Studios and Triumph Studios,  Lead Animator for Tequila Works or  Character Animator for Tragnarium Studios.  Leer más…

Carlos Macarron

Carlos Macarrón

Technical and art director in Virtual Toys. 15 years of experience working as a programmer on console, PC and mobile platforms. Specialized in graphical programming. Experienced in Unity 3D and Unreal Engine, as well as developing custom engines. Co-founder, designer and coder in Vorax Studios, developing Day of the Viking for iOS and Android. Leer más


Expertos que han colaborado con nosotros en ediciones anteriores de Let’s Game Asturias… 

1. roberto_alvarez_de_lara

Roberto Álvarez de Lara

Founder, CEO & Creative Director of Over the Top Games. Founder of Over the Top Games. Leading the development of the acclaimed tile “NyxQuest” for  Wii/WiiWare. More than 7 years of professional experience in the game industry and many more as indie developer. Solid technical background, currently working in roles of management, production and creative direction. Experienced in several areas of game development: design, programming, 3D, animation and music. Leer más

2. enrique_corts

Enrique Corts

Founder/Artist. Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Megateam.
Concept Artist/Illustrator with a wide experience in comics, commercial illustration, graphic design and videogames. Some of well known projects are: Plants VS Zombies, EyeToy Play or Worms, mainly as Concept Artist but also working as Lead Artist or Art Director. Specialties:- Commercial Illustration, comics, ctoryboards, concept art, – UI Design, pixel art, art Direction.  Leer más

3. angel_garciaAngel García

Founding Partner at Lanta Digital Ventures,  an early stage venture capital fund that invests in innovative start-ups. The capital of the fund is composed by successful founders, CEOs and senior executives of start-ups who know what it takes to build successful companies. Experienced executive, investor and entrepreneur, with broad experience over more than 15 years acting in an international environments both in Asia and US building up a startup project. Shareholder at Fractus, a well-known growing European Technology start-up in the global telecom industry which is currently implementing a patent licensing program having collected more than $ 70 million in royalties to this day from top worldwide cellphone manufacturers. Leer más


Alberto García-Vaquero

Experienced technical entrepreneur with great execution and management skills applied to projects and teams with high levels of innovation,creativity, art and technical skills, in order to excess market expectations and set up new business opportunities. With over 16 years of professional experience, aligned academic development with an early and intense Professional and entrepreneurial activity in videogames, gaming, 3D rendering and mobile industries. Leer más


Manuel C. González Hernández

Degree in Audiovisual Communication in the Faculty of Information Sciences at the University of Seville. Since 2005 he is manages the “Zoom Net” programme for TVE (National Spanish TV), and coordinates its broadcast on the 24 hours Channel and the TVE2. It has also extensive experience in other programmess of different TV channels as creator, collaborator, director, editor … being some of them “Miradas 2″ (TVE), “One on one” (Tele 5), “Tiempo Sincro” (AXN), among others. Leer más

5. e_tolmos

Luis Manuel Tolmos

President & CEO at Agencia Escrow. Degree in Law and Specialist in Law of New Technologies and Telecommunications (CEU Business School). Specializing in Intellectual Property and Software. PhD in Law and Video Games in ESNE. Professor of Law in the Officer Grade and design… Leer más


Pedro Ureña

Lead Game developer. Senior Technology videogames Programmer with over ten years of experience. He has worked in various games and platforms, including the development of game engines for their own games, and the use of Unreal Engine as well as Unity 3D. His main areas of expertise includes development for consoles and mobile, graphical programming…. Leer más


Alfonso Villar Chicharro

Computer Engineer. He is CEO and cofounder of PlaySpace.com, gaming startup that develops social games online. He is also a games expert and entrepreneur. Leer más